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Trading Crypto: Bitsgap Bot Profits Reinvesting Strategy

Bitsgap crypto trading bots reinvesting strategy

Trading Crypto: Bitsgap Bot Profits Reinvesting Strategy
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This a simple but powerful reinvesting strategy that can be utilized after some of the crypto trading bots generated some profit. By reinvesting a certain percentage back in bot trades we are causing a rolling snowball effect when more assets generate more profit, and therefore more can be reinvested and more generated, and so on a so forth.

This strategy is not a rocket science and may look too simple to be any effective but in the long term scenario the truth is opposite. When we would look at the gains after a year of snowballing vs a year of just taking profits without reinvesting back, we would see the significant difference. This is also known as compound effect, which every successful investor in the history used to get wealthy and rich.

As mentioned in the video, nobody should really reinvest more than 50%, just to be on the safer side and have the risk management under control.

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