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What is a Supercharger?

The Supercharger is a unique program that distributes a fixed amount of CRO every day. Each user can invest minimum of 100 CRO, and the tokens will be automatically placed in the next liquidity pool. The liquidity score is determined by the average daily CRO during the Acceptance and Charging Period. Once the Supercharger reaches a certain score, it is distributed to all users evenly.

The supercharger will reward users for their contributions with a percentage of their total liquidity pool. Every hour during the charging period, participants can deposit any amount of CRO and withdraw it without gas fees. The rewards will be distributed each day during the Reward Distribution Period. The participants can accept or decline the rewards at any time during this period. They can also withdraw their contributions at any time during the Charging Period, and if they do not accept the terms before the Reward Distribution Period begins, they will forfeit some of their contribution.

The Supercharger is a cryptocurrency event that rewards participants for their contributions. In order to earn rewards, participants must keep their CRO charged throughout the duration of the event. The CRO will be placed in the next event automatically. When a participant completes a Supercharger, their CRO will automatically be placed in the next event. This way, they will get an automatic CRO for their contributions. It is that simple!


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