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Pi top cryptocurrency to mine on mobile phone

π(Pi): Top Crypto to Mine on Mobile Phone Devices Going Mainstream
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Mine Coins With on Your Mobile Phone with π (Pi) Network

Pi Network Mobile App

Start Mining πPi


What Is π(Pi) Network and π Token?

Before starting to mine coins with π(Pi) Network, you should first understand what it really is. π(Pi) is a mobile application that uses mobile phone devices as a computing device to mine π(Pi) tokens. As such, it has a rapidly growing number of everyday users mining pi tokens. In order to earn coins, they have to prove that they are not a robot by logging in every 24 hours to confirm the device in order for mining to continue. Anyone can introduce as many people to pi network as they want, being rewarded by rising the hourly mining rate. This format has caused some to accuse the company of multi-level marketing, but this is not the case.

Who Are Co-Founders of πPi?

Pi Network co-founders

The Pi Network project has two co-founders, Dr. Nicolas Kokkalis and Dr. Chengdiao Fan. Kokkalis holds a PhD from Stanford University and has founded several startups. He also teaches a computer science course at Stanford on decentralized applications on the blockchain. Meanwhile, Fan has a PhD from Stanford and has worked on startups that aim to scale social communications and surface social capital. Although the founders have been kind of secretive, they’ve been working hard to develop the project and have released a plenty of public information.

While Pi Network has kept insisting that it is not an ICO, the company is running a crowd sale. In other words, the coins you mine on the Pi network remain within the system, unless you decide to sell them. The network’s open mainnet means that it’s easier to trace the identity of a user than a crypto exchange. Besides that, Pi is currently listed on several crypto exchanges and has a number of users interested in joining the community.

π (Pi) Token Listed on

By listing the token on the biggest cryptocurrency informative website is a clear message that the people behind the Pi network mean it seriously and that π should be the true community coin owned by people not big shareholders or corporations. Therefore there is no way to purchase the π token other than mine it!

Although there is not any measurable data about π token on yet, the user base of miners is growing fast.

How to Mine π (Pi) Tokens

As we mentioned the only way how to obtain the π tokens is through installing π app on your mobile phone, either android or iOS device, you will be prompted with entering the username of your referral, which if you do not have feel free to enter my username – Mirolpt

and then you should verify your identity and you can start mining right away.

As far as the phones speed performance or a battery life, we didn’t notice any decrease or issue.


Start Mining πPi

Pi top cryptocurrency to mine on mobile phone

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πPi Coin – New & First Cryptocurrency To Mine For Free
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Pi/π Network: π Is the First and Only Cryptocurrency to Mine for Free on Mobile Phones!

Pi new cryptocurrency to mine on mobile phone

The first and only, Pi is a new cryptocurrency developed by Stanford PhDs, and it’s already reached over 21 Million Pioneers users who actively mine the new cryptocurrency π on their smartphones.

π Pi Mining is free, it doesn’t cost anything except less than a minute of your time each day.

It doesn’t compromise or consume the phone resources, neither drain the battery.

The Pi App can be downloaded from Google Playstore and installed on your smartphone or iPhone within seconds.

To create the account it will require an invitation code, use the invitation code – mirolpt

You will also receive 1π as a welcome bonus and you start mining right away at the speed of 0.10π/hour.

It’s really easy and simple to start mining the π Pi and if it doesn’t cost you any time and money why not start today while it’s still possible?

Because there is a catch.

In a few months, easy mining on your mobile phone like this probably won’t be possible. At the moment the entire network has over 21 million active users, but as the π Pi Network saturates and grows and reaches 100 million active users, the ability to mine will diminish down to 0, which could happen anytime by the end of the year.

The White Paper of the Pi project is available to read on the official website or after successful installation inside the π Pi app.


download pi app

(Use invitation code – mirolpt)

Pi Network Mobile App to mine cryptocurrency

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