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Better than HODL Bitsgap Bot Trading Update december 2022

“Better than Hodl” Crypto Grid Trading Strategy
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Hold Your Crypto While Making Profit

There is a way to make nice decent profit while holding your crypto that works even in down markets like now. It’s called grid trading. With the help of AI software Bitsgap you can set up up to 20 grid bots to make you anywhere from 5 to 15 or even 20% return each month.

Just to make one thing clear, I am not a trader, neither I like gambling with my hard earned money, and I believe that long term crypto hodling is a great strategy. But when I came across the Bitsgap trading platform and concept of crypto bots and grid trading, I got intrigued. This is not as much of gambling or guessing trying to catch the next Moon-shot Coin, but more like mathematically designed and sophisticated system that takes advantage of constant volatility of crypto assets, usually the more volatile the higher profit.

I would not recommend to put all the money to setup the grid bots, but maybe 25% of crypto investment portfolio is a good safe allocation towards daily passive income. Heck, where else would you get 10% monthly ROI? I save you time to come up with that answer and tell you right away, NOWHERE!

It’s only crypto right now because it’s still very young and new asset and that is why it is so volatile. So now is the best time to take advantage of this volatility in the next coming years.

In the video update example, I am showing the trading pair Dogecoin (DOGE) and Tether (USDT). But there are hundreds of different pairs available for trading.

If you would like to give the Bitsgap software a try, you can sign up for 7 day free trial and start experimenting with grid bots in demo mode with play money that is preloaded in each exchange account that is available.

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Bitsgap trading tips

Trading Crypto Using Bitsgap Grid Bots in Bear Market
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Bitsgap Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Grid-Bot Trading Analysis During Market Downfall

It’s been a pretty tough time within the crypto market for the last several weeks with Bitcoin crushing down under $36,000 dollars with all altcoins starting with ETH to follow, where some coins such as Filecoin (FIL), eCash (XEC), and Flow (FLOW), suffering 70% loss for the last 12 weeks and The Graph (GRT), Tezos (XTZ), and Ripple (XRP) suffering from around 50%.

As we say in the crypto world it takes a “nerve” to keep with the game as the indicators to the future are not always right, especially in today’s internet media full of attention seekers. But I would like to suggest to “be calm and wiggle on!” 

And what I mean by that is the fact that there is a strategy to make money from crypto even when market goes down. It can be achieved using the crypto trading platform software called Bitsgap, which is truly unique and remarkable piece of software. It uses the grid-bot trading algorithms and exact crypto market indicators to reap extra rewards from the constant volatility, which is super common in cryptocurrency market. In more common words, what everybody fears of becomes your friend, The Volatility!

But of course it’s not as simple as it sounds, but believe me, it’s simple enough that anyone can do that with a little amount of time to spare. You see, the setting for each trading crypto coin pair must be right, and also not every coin is going to do well. That’s why the Bitsgap utilizes the feature where you can start trading in the Demo mode with play money and crypto to test the different strategies and get the feel of it.

To me, it’s been nice to see that my crypto holdings have been making the profit all the way for the last 90 days of the crypto bear market. The reasoning is also quite simple, the crypto never goes down in the straight line, but it wiggles up and down, just with deeper downfalls, and during that time the crypto bots are making profits on the side.

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Bitsgap crypto trading bots reinvesting strategy

Trading Crypto: Bitsgap Bot Profits Reinvesting Strategy
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This a simple but powerful reinvesting strategy that can be utilized after some of the crypto trading bots generated some profit. By reinvesting a certain percentage back in bot trades we are causing a rolling snowball effect when more assets generate more profit, and therefore more can be reinvested and more generated, and so on a so forth.

This strategy is not a rocket science and may look too simple to be any effective but in the long term scenario the truth is opposite. When we would look at the gains after a year of snowballing vs a year of just taking profits without reinvesting back, we would see the significant difference. This is also known as compound effect, which every successful investor in the history used to get wealthy and rich.

As mentioned in the video, nobody should really reinvest more than 50%, just to be on the safer side and have the risk management under control.

Sign up for a Free PRO Trial below and test all the trading features of Bitsgap software for 7 days no credit card needed.

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