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How to protect your wealth from Hyper-Inflation with Bitcoin

Bitcoin: The Way to Protect Your Wealth Against Hyperinflation
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Why Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Crypto

Is Bitcoin and crypto the only savior of the global financial instability and crisis? If NOT, what else?! The inevitable hyperinflation is just around the corner and there are only a few ways how to protect your wealth, business, or wellbeing, if you are already rich and have a movable collateral at your disposal, and it’s cryptocurrency, specifically Bitcoin. But if you are the middle-class or poor-class citizen who has some limited amount of capital saved in a bank to buy a house, car, or whatever, then you are in a big trouble, and you should do something about it really fast.

But what if you don’t have any capital and don’t own anything? Well, then you got nothing to lose, but also nothing to gain. Even still, the best winning strategy for the last 4 years would be incrementally buying Bitcoin and/or other main cryptocurrencies every time they dipped. And even with very little investments each time, today you would be sitting on at least 10x gains, but most likely much more than that.

Now, where is this all coming from.

If you watched the short unedited video above, you will probably get that I am advocating for what Mr. Michael J. Saylor has been saying for last 18 months, which in a nut shell is to go and invest some portion or majority of cash savings into Bitcoin and some other altcoins, but mainly Bitcoin.

Before we get to who is Michael Saylor and why you probably should listen to him when it comes to economy, investing in various markets, and cash-flow money management, I would like to quickly provide my personal opinion on this, even though I stand for most of the things that Michael Saylor says.


Why is Blockchain Technology and Bitcoin a Better Way

Bitcoin a better way

This is a critical moment in time of our history. The reason behind the rapid change is the digital energy of high frequency. It’s not just financial systems that we talk about but the entire economy, industrial markets, and the way people do things in every day life like paying for food, rent, or electricity.

I know it’s still not clear to vast majority of global population what does this mean and represent, but pretty soon will. Blockchain, Bitcoin, and crypto are all still very new subjects that first ever started to break into the realms of public less than a decade ago, and it takes time for people to learn and adjust. Just like one of the examples that Michael Saylor mentioned, how long it took for people to fully appreciate the electricity, talking about electric current through copper wires that could easily kill anyone, when it first came out? It took probably decades for vast majority of people to adopt it as something normal that is presented in every day of our lives. Or what about the Internet?

So my point is that the blockchain industry is very new at the beginning of it’s full appreciation, and now it’s time to take some measurable risks and get in early before it becomes normalized just like the internet after Dot Com bubble Era in the beginning of 21st century. Also, there is no doubt about the wide array of use of the blockchain technology and digital currency as high-frequency money.


Who is Michael J. Saylor?

Who is Michael Saylor

Michael Saylor is an American investor, business executive, co-founder of MicroStrategy, and longest public company serving CEO in the history. MicroStrategy is a company that offers cloud-based services and mobile software to enterprises. He is also the author of the 2012 book The Mobile Wave.

Born in Lincoln, Nebraska in 1965, Saylor’s father was a chief master sergeant in the Air Force and his family moved to Fairborn, Ohio near the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base when he was 11. In 1983, he enrolled in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on an Air Force ROTC scholarship and joined Theta Delta Chi fraternity. He met his future co-founder, Sanju Bansal, during his time at MIT. Saylor graduated from MIT in 1987, earning a degree in science and technology and double majoring in aeronautics and astronautics.

Before founding MicroStrategy, Saylor worked for companies such as The Federal Group and DuPont. He later used the earnings from his jobs at DuPont to found his own company, MicroStrategy, with his former classmate Sanju Bansal. In 1992, he raised $100 million from DuPont and co-founder Sanju Bansal. They then went on to go public, raising over $2 billion for the company.

After the stock market crash in 2000, Saylor’s business was in the spotlight. The Securities and Exchange Commission accused him of misrepresenting the financial results of MicroStrategy. In December 2000, Saylor settled with the SEC and agreed to pay $350,000 in penalties and $8 million in disgorgement. After the restatement, the stock of MicroStrategy plummeted, wiping off six billion dollars of Saylor’s personal wealth. But despite all failures Michael managed to bring the company back up to one of the highest valuable public software companies in the world even before starting to invest in Bitcoin in the mid year 2020 when the pandemic hit and shot down the entire economy in just few weeks.

While Saylor has a significant net worth in his private life as an investor, his primary career is as a Businessman and serving CEO for a public company. He later founded the Saylor Foundation to provide free collegiate education for everyone. Despite being an influential figure in the industry, his personal life is unknown to many. As such, it’s important to conduct due diligence when investing in Bitcoin. If you’re thinking about making an investment in the cryptocurrency, Michael Saylor might be the right man to talk to.



If you’re a newcomer to crypto, it’s probably time to get acquainted with this tech-savvy billionaire. Michael Saylor has a pro-Bitcoin stance and shares posts that encourage people to invest in Bitcoin. He shares stories like the founders of Tahinis, a Canadian restaurant, who are turning their earnings into Bitcoin in August 2020. The founders said they did so because of the rising prices and were looking for a way to protect their earnings. This demonstrates his passion for the cryptocurrency, as he has years of experience investing in this technology.

Michael J. Saylor is also a founder of free learning resources sites such as: – University for Free College Degrees – Free resource for learning about Bitcoin and crypto (Just remember Bitcoin is HOPE!)



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