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Best Crypto to buy in february 2022

What Is The Best Cryptocurrency To Buy In February 2022?
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Moving towards the second month of February 2022, there are some big opportunities to buy in some of the altcoins that are predicted to grow on value as the massive crypto market dip suggests.

But is the bottom low or can it drop even lower?

I wouldn’t dare to say with 100% certainty at all.

Instead of trying to time the market, what I’ve found is much better which is buying a bit of crypto each dip to average that out.

Top Crypto Coins to Invest in 2022

What cryptocurrency coins to buy in 2022

So lets look at some coins that are hot to buy in the beginning of February 2022:

BitcoinBitcoin is steady and as #1 coin in the crypto market and its decentralized nature, it’s destined to grow

Ethereum – ETH is the biggest blockchain and second biggest coin by market cap with thousands of project being built on Ethereum

Polkadot – Had its boom breakthrough in 2020 breaking into the top 10 crypto ranked by market cap, it’s a huge blockchain and ecosystem

PolygonAs a No. 1 solution to scalability and high fees solution on Ethereum network, Polygon (MATIC) is yet to see massive explosion

Stacks – Layer-1 blockchain to connect smart contracts and decentralized application to Bitcoin ecosystem

CosmosOffers a solution to PoW (proof-of-work) through simplified system and ecosystem of connected blockchains

THORChain – No.1 Permissionless Decentralized Protocol allowing users easily exchange crypto assets also resulting in very low fees

Uniswap Popular Decentralized Trading Protocol with the role of facilitating the automation processes of DeFi trading known as AMM

Fantom – Known as DAG – Directed Acrylic Graph smart contract platform for Decentralized Finance developers and services

The Graph – Indexing Protocol for querying data for networks like Ethereum and IPFS, powering many applications in DeFi and Web3 ecosystem.


3 Bonus Coins

Terra – Terra blockchain and its token coin LUNA has grown rapidly within the last 2 years, showing the big interest

Enjin – As a one of the oldest gaming cryptocurrencies (now GameFi), Enjin network had its own token before the Bitcoin, it’s a huge project

0xIn the last 2 years the ETH network transaction fees were skyrocketing and 0x Protocol devs have been hardly working on solutions

Best Crypto to buy in february 2022


Quick Guide to Investing in Cryptocurrencies

The accessibility of crypto investment makes it a popular choice among young investors, but it is not without risk. Most cryptocurrencies and crypto tokens are subject to high volatility. Many retail investors see crypto as too risky, especially for newbies. It is recommended that investors limit their cryptocurrency investments to a small percentage of their portfolio and stick to a traditional retirement plan. Investing in a retirement account is an excellent choice for people who do not have access to retirement benefits.

There are several advantages of  investing in crypto assets, but it is still important to use it responsibly. As with all forms of investing, you must carefully consider your risk profile before investing. The currency market is highly volatile, and investing in it is an ideal long-term strategy. If you are new to cryptocurrency investing, you should start with a small portion of your portfolio. In the long run, it will add a higher degree of diversification to your overall portfolio. However, you should avoid using crypto as a risk mediator. In fact, cryptocurrency is highly volatile, driven by greed and fear, not by quantifiable factors.


Investing in crypto should be done with caution. Despite its high volatility, the expected returns are still higher than other asset classes. In addition, there is even a way how to benefit from volatility of the cryptocurrency market and make some significant profit returns while the volatility is very high. Hence, it is imperative to do research and ensure you’re confident in your decision. To make your decision easier, The Motley Fool has listed ten stocks to invest in right now. We own Bitcoin and Ethereum. But we do not recommend you invest in a particular cryptocurrency without evaluating its risk.

Once you’ve decided on a particular cryptocurrency, allocate your new capital strategically. The idea is to reduce the overall risk of the portfolio. It is not necessary to put all of your money in one coin, but dividing it up between high- and low-risk assets can yield higher returns and lower risks. In addition, it helps to diversify your investments with stablecoins, which act as the liquidity for your portfolio. In addition, if you have an understanding of how crypto works, you can invest in it safely.

While the volatility of cryptocurrency is low, it is still a risky investment. The price of a single coin can go up or down by a lot. Therefore, you must understand the risks and diversify your investments with a suitable strategy. As a result, it is better to allocate some of your capital to a crypto investment rather than a whole asset. While crypto is volatile, it will increase the returns of your other investments.

While you can invest in a single cryptocurrency, you should know which coins have more potential. To be safe, you should invest a small portion of your portfolio in a few coins and keep the rest in a stable wallet. You can even buy fractional shares of some of the most popular cryptocurrencies. You will have a higher exposure to a few coins than you do to Bitcoin. Choosing your investments wisely will minimize the risk of losing all of your money.

crypto investing guide for beginners 2022

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Bitsgap trading tips

Trading Crypto Using Bitsgap Grid Bots in Bear Market
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Bitsgap Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Grid-Bot Trading Analysis During Market Downfall

It’s been a pretty tough time within the crypto market for the last several weeks with Bitcoin crushing down under $36,000 dollars with all altcoins starting with ETH to follow, where some coins such as Filecoin (FIL), eCash (XEC), and Flow (FLOW), suffering 70% loss for the last 12 weeks and The Graph (GRT), Tezos (XTZ), and Ripple (XRP) suffering from around 50%.

As we say in the crypto world it takes a “nerve” to keep with the game as the indicators to the future are not always right, especially in today’s internet media full of attention seekers. But I would like to suggest to “be calm and wiggle on!” 

And what I mean by that is the fact that there is a strategy to make money from crypto even when market goes down. It can be achieved using the crypto trading platform software called Bitsgap, which is truly unique and remarkable piece of software. It uses the grid-bot trading algorithms and exact crypto market indicators to reap extra rewards from the constant volatility, which is super common in cryptocurrency market. In more common words, what everybody fears of becomes your friend, The Volatility!

But of course it’s not as simple as it sounds, but believe me, it’s simple enough that anyone can do that with a little amount of time to spare. You see, the setting for each trading crypto coin pair must be right, and also not every coin is going to do well. That’s why the Bitsgap utilizes the feature where you can start trading in the Demo mode with play money and crypto to test the different strategies and get the feel of it.

To me, it’s been nice to see that my crypto holdings have been making the profit all the way for the last 90 days of the crypto bear market. The reasoning is also quite simple, the crypto never goes down in the straight line, but it wiggles up and down, just with deeper downfalls, and during that time the crypto bots are making profits on the side.

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[Total: 2 Average: 1] supercharger Supercharger Review
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What is a Supercharger?

The Supercharger is a unique program that distributes a fixed amount of CRO every day. Each user can invest minimum of 100 CRO, and the tokens will be automatically placed in the next liquidity pool. The liquidity score is determined by the average daily CRO during the Acceptance and Charging Period. Once the Supercharger reaches a certain score, it is distributed to all users evenly.

The supercharger will reward users for their contributions with a percentage of their total liquidity pool. Every hour during the charging period, participants can deposit any amount of CRO and withdraw it without gas fees. The rewards will be distributed each day during the Reward Distribution Period. The participants can accept or decline the rewards at any time during this period. They can also withdraw their contributions at any time during the Charging Period, and if they do not accept the terms before the Reward Distribution Period begins, they will forfeit some of their contribution.

The Supercharger is a cryptocurrency event that rewards participants for their contributions. In order to earn rewards, participants must keep their CRO charged throughout the duration of the event. The CRO will be placed in the next event automatically. When a participant completes a Supercharger, their CRO will automatically be placed in the next event. This way, they will get an automatic CRO for their contributions. It is that simple!


Get Free Account supercharger

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